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Join Jersey Sports League for our summer season of 7v7 soccer

Dates and Time:
First off, be sure to register for our kickoff tournament on the 31st of May. Summer soccer will range from 10:00AM to 8:00PM but most of the games will fall in the 12 to 6 range. We want to be prepared if they alter our permit times. 
  June 7th - Week 1
  June 14th - Week 2
  June 21st - Week 3 (also fathers day so we can give you early or late games per request) 
  June 28th - Bye Week, the field is not avaialble
  July 5th - Bye Week, 4th of July weekend
  July 12th - Week 4
  July 19th - Week 5
  July 26th - Week 6
  August 2nd - Week 7
  August 9th - Finals
  August 16th - Rainout date*
In the event of a rainout date, those games would be played on August 9th and the finals would be moved to the 16th.
The entire league will be played at Stevens Tech in Hoboken. In the event we have significant weather this summer, the playoffs could be played at another location but we will adjust as necessary.
Format and Division:
We will open registration for 4 divisions. In the event we need to expand or shrink a divison, we will made the necessary changes. All teams are gauranteed 7, 48 minute games, but if the weather works with us we will add an 8th regular season game.  Do not stock your rec team with ringers and do not join the competitive division if you aren't prepare to play against players with college soccer experience. 
You can join more than one division, but run the risk of a long break between games or two games at the same time. Historically, we try to work with schedules. Here are the divisions.
  • Recreational Coed
  • Competitive Coed
  • Competitive Men's
  • Recreational Men
Team Size - 7 vs 7 including the goal keeper
Coed Rules - 5 men and 2 women 
Roster Limits - Rosters can be between 7 and 13 players. *you are not allowed to bring subs to the league unless they sign a waiver and you alert This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  For this reason, we recommend you have 7-10 dedicated players and fill out the rest of the roster with reserves. 
Substitutions - You need to play with your roster but we understand the demands of a summer schedule in New Jersey. Our #1 concern is safety and our #2 concern is making sure you show up to have a team to play. Be a good member of the league and alert the staff when you are low on numbers. In special circumstances, you could pick up a player from another team to play but that is at the discretion of the opposing team. Keep in mind that teams pay money to play soccer but also want to make the playoffs. Be respectful and get a full team out for your games. 
General Fifa Rules Apply with some notable exceptions.
  • No Slide Tackling
  • You may be offsides
  • Unlimited substitutions
  • Substitute "on-the-fly". You must touch the player you are subbing with
  • Game length is 24 continuous minutes per half
  • All fouls are direct with the exception of keeper passback
  • Fouls within the keeper zone will result in a penalty shot
  • No Jewelry allowed. Proper shoes must be work (need to be turf legal)
  • Goal size will measure 7'' by 18'
* Times are subject to change and expect us to work in a double header if needed. 
Registration FAQ:
I don't have team, can you sign up as a free agent? Yes, free agent registration is avaialbe. If we end up getting enough players for a free agent team, we will form one. If we place you on a team, 
I'm under 18, can I play? Sadly no, this is an adult league only. You must be at least 18 years old by the morning of the tournament. 
Can we pick up a free agent to finalize our team? You can request a free agent and if we have one that fits your division, we will send them your way and they will then pay for their portion. There is not an audition or draft process,
What is the refund policy? If you request a refund a full week before the league starts you will receive a full refund. If you make your request the week of the league you will receive a 50% refund. No refunds after the league starts. 
Does the event have health insurance for players? We remind you that adult sports run a risk of injury. All players must sign a waiver in order to participate and agree to play sports at their own risk. If you do not have health insurance, we do not recommend playing sports. Jersey Sports League has rules in place like no slide tackling to minimize contact and create a safe place to play. 
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