Welcome to Jersey Sports League

Based in Hudson County, JSL is a organization for young adults that offers sports, bar games, and other fun activities.

Coed & Men's Leagues

We offer both coed and men's leagues and offer a great balance between competitive and social activities. No matter the level or play or type of league, we aim for a great player experience and high level organization.

Get in the Game!

We run a very popular soccer league in Hoboken, and our players have been asking for more and more. 2014 will be a big year for us as we roll out new activities and location.

About Ultimate Rec

Ultimate Rec is a network of sporting and recreational organizatoins around the counrty. UREC header 

Our core focus is social sports leagues for young adults, but we also host singles mixers, corporate events, and work with charities to combine having fun with doing some to help your fellow man. 

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